After months of free Svelte/SvelteKit consulting calls, we are discontinuing this service on September 30 to better focus on our paid clients. Check out our sprint-based Svelte/SvelteKit development if you need quality web apps built fast. Thanks for understanding as we make this change to improve service.

SvelteKit MVP Development

Book A Free Discovery Call

Launch your business idea into reality with our dedicated MVP Development service .

We blend our SvelteKit expertise with a proven process to deliver your web application in just 30 days . Transform your vision into a tangible, market-ready product quickly and effectively.

Rocket launch

Fast & Efficient MVP Launch

Give your innovative idea the rocket boost it deserves!

With our streamlined, SvelteKit-powered development process, indie hackers, SMBs and early-stage startups can skyrocket their MVP from concept to reality in no time.

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Idea Validation & Risk Reduction

Test the waters before taking the plunge! We help you validate your business idea quickly and reduce risks with a minimal, cost-effective investment, ensuring you can make data-driven decisions and pivot your strategy with confidence.

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Lean Development & Iteration

Grow your startup like a carefully nurtured sapling!

Embrace the lean development approach and focus on core, high-impact features, gaining valuable user feedback that fertilizes quick iterations and continuous improvements.


30-Day MVP Turnaround

In just 30 days, watch your MVP dream take flight !

Okupter guarantees a speedy, hands-on MVP delivery that brings your idea to life quickly and efficiently, all while ensuring you receive the personalized attention your project deserves.


Budget-Friendly Development

Save your wallets from unnecessary strain ! With our MVP development service, minimize upfront costs, make the most out of your investment, and cheerfully allocate resources where they matter the most.


Close Collaboration & Support

Forge a partnership that feels like peanut butter and jelly!

Experience a supportive, collaborative relationship throughout the MVP development journey, ensuring your unique vision comes to life just as you imagined.

Empowering Your Journey from Concept to Creation

At Okupter, we recognize the crucial role of an MVP in validating your business idea . Our SvelteKit MVP Development Service is designed to give your idea a concrete shape and a robust platform.

We not only focus on the core features of your product but also integrate essentials like authentication , authorization , database setup , Stripe or other payment system integrations , membership setups , connection to headless CMS or data sources , and other common scenarios in web applications.

Experience a seamless journey from ideation to launch, all in a short span of 30 days.

This service is a perfect match for ambitious startups, forward-thinking companies, and proactive individuals.

Whether you're looking to swiftly validate an idea, kickstart your venture, or rapidly scale an existing product, our MVP Development Service is your gateway to fast, efficient, and high-quality development. With us, you get to leapfrog the usual development hurdles and get straight to the market, all while maintaining a keen focus on quality and user experience.

Turning Your Vision into a Robust MVP - Our Process

Step 1: Discovery Call

The first step in our journey together is a Discovery Call. This initial conversation serves as a vital touchpoint for understanding your needs, aligning our services with your unique goals, and establishing whether we're the perfect fit for your project.

Step 2: Payment

Once we mutually agree to proceed, you'll make the payment to initiate the development process. This commitment sets the stage for the transformative work to begin.

Step 3: Requirement Analysis

Our next step takes us deep into the heart of your specific requirements. Your unique vision forms the bedrock of our development process, and this stage ensures that we fully comprehend your goals and expectations.

Step 4: Development

Using the agile and powerful SvelteKit, we start translating your concept into a reality. We'll seamlessly integrate a myriad of features like authentication, authorization, database setup, memberships, and whichever payment systems you prefer.

Step 5: Delivery

Efficiency and speed are central to our ethos. Our commitment is to have your fully functional MVP ready and in your hands within a brisk 30-day window. This swift turnaround sets you on your path to immediate digital success.

Prime Features of Your SvelteKit MVP

When you choose Okupter for your MVP development, you are guaranteed a well-rounded package. Let's delve deeper into the core features of our offering:

  • Custom-Crafted for Your Business Needs: We don't believe in cookie-cutter solutions. Your MVP will be customized to match your unique business requirements. Each feature will be tailored to support your goals and meet your audience's needs.

  • Utilizing SvelteKit for Optimal Performance: SvelteKit is at the heart of our development process. This modern framework offers numerous advantages, such as improved website performance, better developer productivity, and enhanced user experiences. Your MVP will be fast, reliable, and ready to handle growth.

  • Feature-Rich Development: Your MVP isn't just about the basics. We incorporate several essential features into the development process:

    • Authentication and Authorization : User management and data security are paramount in today's digital landscape. We equip your MVP with a robust system to handle user authentication and authorization. From implementing JWT (JSON Web Tokens) in SvelteKit, as detailed in our blog article, to setting OAuth2 or social authentication, we provide varied options to suit your business needs. This ensures secure access control and protects your valuable data.

    • Database Setup : We will set up and configure your database, ready to store and manage all your essential business data.

    • Payment Systems Integration : If your MVP includes online transactions, we will integrate it with leading payment systems like Stripe for secure and seamless transactions.

    • Memberships : Planning to offer membership or subscription-based services? We've got it covered. Your MVP will include a robust membership system that's easy to manage.

  • Rapid Delivery: One of the defining aspects of our service is the commitment to swift delivery. Once we have gathered all the necessary information and requirements, we deliver the MVP within 30 days . This rapid delivery ensures you can start testing your ideas in the market as soon as possible.

  • Responsive and Mobile-Friendly In today's digital world, responsiveness, and mobile compatibility are non-negotiable. Your MVP will look great and function flawlessly on all device types and screen sizes.

  • Clean, Simple, and Scalable Code We write clean, understandable code that follows best practices, which makes future updates and expansions easier. Your MVP will not only serve your immediate needs but also act as a solid foundation for future growth.

With these features and our expertise in SvelteKit, we ensure your MVP is set for success from the get-go. Let us bring your vision to life.

Our pricing

On-Demand Support Web Application Plan

$2499 / month

Perfect for clients who have existing Svelte or SvelteKit web applications and/or seek flexible support without committing to a specific project scope upfront.

  • Maximum 10 hours of work per month
  • Multiple 1-hour pair programming sessions (scheduled in advance)
  • Code refactoring, Architecture improvements
  • Feature implementation
  • Expert consultation on best practices and optimization techniques
  • Assistance with integrating third-party services
  • Performance review and improvement recommendations
  • Responsive design enhancements
  • Security and vulnerability assessments
  • Continuous communication and progress updates
  • Flexible support tailored to ever-changing project requirements

Web Application Starter Package


Ideal for startups and SMBs looking to build a solid foundation for their web applications with essential features and seamless integrations.

  • Complete base package
  • Database integration
  • Authentication (login, signup, forgot password, etc.)
  • Basic CRUD operations
  • Svelte and SvelteKit expertise for optimal performance
  • Focus on accessibility, SEO, and performance
  • Expert consultation on the best tech stack and integrations for your project
  • Dedicated support during project development
  • Clear communication and progress updates

Custom Web Application Plan


Tailored for clients seeking to build full-stack web applications, MVPs, or projects with unique requirements.

Minimum commitment of $8,999.

  • All features included in the Web Application Starter Package
  • Custom features tailored to your application or MVP
  • Integration with third-party services and technologies as needed
  • Scalable solutions crafted with future growth in mind
  • In-depth consultation and planning
  • Application testing and QA to ensure the highest quality
  • Regular updates and communication throughout the project development
  • Post-launch support for seamless transition
  • Fine-tuning of performance, accessibility, and SEO
  • Personalized service and dedication to achieve your project goals

Common Questions Answered

We understand that you might have some queries before taking the plunge. Here's a compilation of frequently asked questions to help clear your doubts and provide deeper insight into our service.

What exactly does your MVP Development Service entail?

Our MVP Development Service is a comprehensive package designed to turn your startup idea into a reality.

It includes an initial discovery call, the development of custom features based on your requirements, the implementation of common features such as authentication and authorization , database setup , payment systems integration , and more. We use SvelteKit to create efficient, scalable web applications, ready for rapid deployment.

Who is this service suitable for?

Our service is suitable for startups, companies, and individuals looking to quickly launch a Minimum Viable Product . Whether you're testing a business concept or aiming to demonstrate the potential of your idea to investors, our MVP Development Service is tailored to your needs.

How long does it take to develop an MVP?

Our commitment is to deliver your MVP within a 30-day timeframe . This period commences once we have all the requirements and assets necessary for the project.

What is the cost of the MVP Development Service?

Our MVP Development Service starts at $10,000 USD . The final price can vary depending on the complexity and specific requirements of your project.

How can I purchase the MVP Development Service?

You can purchase our service directly from the pricing section on our website. Upon purchase, you'll be automatically added to our Basecamp where you'll be guided step-by-step through the process of providing your project requirements and all necessary details.

Why do you use SvelteKit for developing MVPs?

We use SvelteKit because of its efficiency and scalability. SvelteKit is a modern framework that allows us to build fast, secure, and easily maintainable web applications.

It’s also great for SEO and allows us to handle authentication with JWT and other authentication methods in a seamless way.

You can read more about it on our blog: Handling auth with JWT in SvelteKit.

What if I have more questions or need additional information?

If you have more questions or need further clarification about our MVP Development Service, we encourage you to schedule a discovery call with us . This way, we can understand your specific needs better and provide you with the most accurate information.