Svelte and SvelteKit consulting

Are you blocked on a Svelte or SvelteKit project? Or do you need help or guidance from an experienced Svelte developer?

Get expert advice and guidance for your Svelte or SvelteKit project Justin Ahinon, a seasoned front-end and Svelte developer with several years of experience.

Option 1: Asynchronous consulting

If you are unfamiliar with asynchronous work , it basically means "working on your own time".

This type of consulting is ideal if you anticipate having a few questions or if you'd need some continuous guidance over a period of time.

I use a combination of email and a tool called ZipMessage to communicate on your own schedule. You can ask questions, share code, screenshots, screen recordings, etc. I'll get back to you using one of those channels as well (screenshots, code snippets, recordings, etc.).

This approach works well because it gives you time to think about your questions and allows me to provide you with a more detailed answer.

Usually, you should expect to receive a response to your questions within 24 hours.

Subscribe to asynchronous consulting for 300$/month

Option 2: 1-hour real-time consulting

If you have a specific question or if you need help with a specific problem, you can book a 1-hour session with me. This option is ideal if you need help with a specific problem or if you need to get unstuck quickly .

Ideally, you should share some context, details, or access to repositories if possible. This helps me prepare for the session and make the most of our time together.

These sessions are done over Google Meet or Zoom, and we can both share our screens. I also record the sessions so you can use them as a reference later on.

Option 3: Free 15-minute real-time consulting

If you are not sure if you need help or if you want to get a feel for how I work, you can book a free 15-minute session with me.

For this to work, you need to provide me with as much context as possible in the booking form.

Since it's a free session, I don't systematically accept all requests. I will only accept requests based on my availability and other factors.

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