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Ship your Svelte (Kit) project in weeks, not years.

Tired of long dev contracts and rigid timelines? At Okupter, our sprint-based model brings flexibility to robust Svelte and SvelteKit projects .

Work in focused 2-week cycles to build, test, and launch apps , while tapping into our founder's 5+ years of expertise. Adapt, iterate, and scale up or down as needs change.

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Our Pricing

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1-Hour Real-Time Svelte / SvelteKit Consulting


This is ideal when you have a specific question or a tricky piece of code that's giving you a headache.

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  • Targeted Solution – Swiftly address a specific challenge or resolve a tricky code issue with expert advice.
  • Preparation – Share context, details, or access to codes prior to the session for optimized productivity and issue-resolution.
  • Real-Time Interaction – Sessions are conducted over Google Meet or Zoom for live screen sharing and instant problem-solving.
  • Recorded Sessions – No need to worry about note-taking. Each session is recorded, allowing for a replay at your convenience and future reference.
  • Direct Learning – Gain firsthand knowledge from an expert, boosting learning outcomes.
  • Personalized Focus – Enjoy the undivided attention of the expert during these dynamic, one-on-one sessions.

SvelteKit Asynchronous Consulting

$249 / month

This is like having a pocket-sized me, ready to dispense advice and guidance at your own pace and convenience.

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  • Personalized Guidance – Receive expert advice and guidance tailored to your unique needs.
  • Flexibility - Reach out whenever you encounter difficulties and expect a prompt response.
  • Comprehensive Support - Share code, screenshots, and screen recordings for more contextualized assistance.
  • Detailed Responses - Benefit from comprehensive and thoughtful replies, complete with code snippets, recordings, where needed.
  • Time-Efficiency – Get the chance to mull over the provided information before responding and making decisions.
  • Real-Time Consulting – Enjoy a one-hour monthly real-time consulting session that can be divided to optimize efficiency further.

Sprint-Based Svelte and SvelteKit Development

$3500 / Sprint

A flexible web development service utilizing two-week sprints to ship high-quality sites and apps with Svelte and SvelteKit.

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  • No long term contracts - Scale up and down as your business needs change.
  • Pause or cancel anytime - Try us out for a sprint without risk. Not feeling we're a good fit? No hard feelings if you need to cancel.
  • Fixed, predictable pricing - $3,500 per two weeks sprint. No surprise bills.
  • No hourly billing - We don't nickel and dime you for every 5 minute task or email. Our focus is on shipping, not maximizing hours.
  • Focus on shipping - Our goal is to deliver tangible, meaningful outcomes each sprint, not just churn hours.
  • Accelerated development - Sprints foster accountability, focus, and fast iterations. You get working software delivered on a regular cadence.

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