I'm Justin Ahinon.

I'm currently a Senior Frontend Engineer at WebDevStudios , where I am currently responsible for owning the development of highly performant and accessible websites and applications for high-profile clients such as the NBA and WNBA.


For several years, I have been very deep in the bubble of the WordPress ecosystem . As a freelancer, then a site developer, then finally a full-time contributor. I remain passionate about this CMS and its potential.

But I also developed a great interest in subjects not directly related to it, like accessibility, web performance, best practices, etc…

That's why I created Okupter , to share my experiences and learnings on these topics in an agnostic way.

The word Okupter comes from the ancient Greek  ōkúpteros ōkúpteros  which means Swift-winged . It kind of fits in with what I believe; which is that it is possible to build fast, accessible, and beautiful websites/platforms/products by respecting best practices and sustainability.