For several years, I have been very deep in the bubble of the WordPress ecosystem . As a freelancer, then a site developer, then finally a full-time contributor. I still remain passionate about this CMS and its potentialities.

But I also developed a great interest in subjects not directly related to it, like accessibility, web performance, best practices, etc…

That's why I created Okupter, to share my experiences and learnings on these topics in an agnostic way.

The word Okupter comes from the ancient Greek ōkúpteros that means Swift-winged. It kind of really fits in what I believe; which is that it is possible to build fast, accessible and beautiful websites/platforms/products in respect with best practices and sustainability.

Privacy policy

This website uses splitbee.io as an analytics tool. This allows me to collect basic statistics on the number of visitors, the most viewed pages/articles, etc.

To function, Splitbee adds a cookie named sb_uid to your browser for a period of 12 months.

Disable tracking

You can opt out of being tracked on the site by navigating to https://www.okupter.com/?dnt.