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A few years back, my world was deep within the WordPress ecosystem, playing with PHP and creating themes and plugins.

As the industry evolved, I found myself transitioning into frontend and full-stack frameworks like React and Next.js. While these tools offered a lot, they also brought problems:

  • hefty bundles ,

  • excessive JavaScript ,

  • prolonged prototyping phases ,

  • and performance issues .

Then, I stumbled upon Svelte and its meta-framework, SvelteKit. If you'd like to know why Svelte and SvelteKit are formidable alternatives to React, take a moment to read this insightful article Best React Alternatives .

This discovery led to the birth of Okupter, a unique, solo-run development agency that's incredibly enthusiastic about Svelte and SvelteKit .

Now, you may think, "Wait a minute, a one-man agency?" Yep, you heard it right. But don't let that fool you – despite being a solo developer, I, Justin Ahinon, deliver results that pack a punch!

At Okupter, we – and by "we", I mean "me, myself, and I" serve businesses striving to establish an effective online presence through a website or landing page, and startups eager to swiftly launch an MVP . Our clients appreciate the finesse of our work and the quick turnarounds, possible due to the simplicity and speed of Svelte and SvelteKit.

Our Philosophy

You see, I don't see web development just as a job – it's a platform for catalyzing business growth.

A well-crafted website or an innovative app? They're more than just digital assets; they're game-changing tools that can rocket your business to new heights.

At Okupter, the aim is simple – deliver digital solutions that are fast, accessible, SEO-optimized, and laser-focused on your business goals .

Our Specialization in Svelte and SvelteKit

Specialization breeds mastery .

Over time, I've decided to zero in on Svelte and SvelteKit.

Why? Because these tools align with my commitment to offering you top-tier, innovative services. With these tools, I can craft digital solutions that cater to a multitude of use cases, scale as your business grows, offering blistering performance, and yet remain straightforward to use.

This focus on Svelte and SvelteKit has allowed me to beef up my expertise, and I'm excited to bring this robust know-how to your projects – providing solutions tailored to your unique needs while pushing the envelope of what's possible in web development.

Here are a few concrete reasons I'm betting on Svelte and SvelteKit:

  1. Versatility : Svelte and SvelteKit offer the versatility I sought in web development tools. They're adept at creating everything from intricate web applications to simplistic landing pages, fitting seamlessly into a multitude of use cases.

  2. Scalability : Scalability is at the core of Svelte and SvelteKit. As your business expands, so do the capabilities of your digital assets built with these technologies. They can easily handle increased traffic, complex functionalities, and larger databases, ensuring your business never outgrows its digital foundation.

  3. Performance : Performance is a key consideration in today's digital world, and Svelte and SvelteKit excel in this area. By reducing the client-side load and optimizing the delivery of content, they ensure your digital assets are fast, responsive, and reliable, providing a seamless user experience.

  4. Ease of Use : Both Svelte and SvelteKit are renowned for their simplicity. They strip away the complexities often associated with web development, providing a straightforward approach without sacrificing the quality or capabilities of the final product.

Our Core Values

Here at Okupter, I stand firm on a foundation of core values that drive my operations:

  • Transparent Communication: I keep you in the loop about progress, hurdles, and solutions because I believe this openness builds trust and lasting relationships.

  • Quality Deliverables: I make sure my work adheres to web development best practices, going through rigorous testing and optimization to ensure top-notch performance.

  • Human Relationships: I don't just see myself as a service provider but as your partner in success. I value our relationship and treat your projects as my own, diligently working to overcome any obstacles.

Meet the Founder (That's Me!)

For many years, my playground was the world of WordPress.

After working with industry titans like Yoast SEO, Awesome Motive, and WebDevStudios, and serving high-profile clients like NBA and WNBA, I made the switch to Svelte and SvelteKit.

Now, I relish the beauty of efficient code, high performance, and accessible design, and I bring this unique perspective to your projects.

Got a Svelte/Sveltekit bug giving you headaches? I’ve been there!

Book a free 15 min consultation call , and I’ll review your code base and give you personalized feedback on your code.

P.S.  If you have a bigger problem that may need more than 15 minutes, you can also pick my brain for a small fee. 😊 But that’s up to you!