Sprint-Based Svelte and SvelteKit Development

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A flexible web development service utilizing two-week sprints to ship high-quality sites and apps with Svelte and SvelteKit.

Tired of long dev contracts or unpredictable hourly billing ? Our sprint-based Svelte and SvelteKit development service brings the focus back to shipping.

What is it?

Get expert Svelte and SvelteKit skills on demand to build your web MVP, startup, or next big project.

We utilize agile, two-week sprints to align on priorities and deliver tangible outcomes each cycle. No long term commitments - pause or cancel anytime.

This approach provides predictability and flexibility other agencies can't match. No endless meetings or overhead. Just clean, production-ready Svelte and SvelteKit code shipped on a subscription model.

Our founding engineer Justin brings 3+ years experience building complex sites and applications with Svelte and SvelteKit.

Let us handle the heavy lifting, so you can focus on your customers and product.

Stop Procrastinating, Start Shipping Now!

Why This Approach?

Our sprint-based service model provides some powerful benefits compared to traditional hourly or project-based development:

  • No long term contracts - Scale up and down as your business needs change. Don't get stuck in a rigid arrangement.

  • Pause or cancel anytime - Try us out for a sprint without risk. Not feeling we're a good fit? No hard feelings if you need to cancel.

  • Fixed, predictable pricing - $3,500 per two weeks sprint. No surprise bills.

  • No hourly billing - We don't nickel and dime you for every 5 minute task or email. Our focus is on shipping, not maximizing hours.

  • Focus on shipping - Our goal is to deliver tangible, meaningful outcomes each sprint, not just churn hours.

  • Adaptable priority - We re-align each sprint on your most urgent needs, so you get the right things, faster.

  • Access to expertise - Get top-notch Svelte/SvelteKit skills on tap without having to hire. Our team knows these frameworks inside-out.

  • Accelerated development - Sprints foster accountability, focus, and fast iterations. You get working software delivered on a regular cadence.

For example, in your first sprint we could build out key screens for your MVP, integrate with your backend API, and implement core functionality - delivering a tangible result you can start user testing.

The end result is you get access to premium Svelte/SvelteKit capabilities without administrative hassles or long commitments . Just focused execution tailored to your evolving needs.

How It Works

Navigating ever-changing web project priorities is no easy feat. Our sprint process embraces change while ensuring laser-focused execution. Here's how we mesh with your flow:

  1. Integration with Your Tools : Our priority is integrating seamlessly into your workflow. If you're already using platforms like GitHub or Jira, we'll use them to plan and document our sprints, ensuring a unified approach and making it easier for you to keep track.

  2. Basecamp for Project Management : Don't have a preferred tool or rather not use your internal system? No worries. We'll bring you onboard our trusted project management software, Basecamp. Here, we plan sprints, document progress, and foster communication - all in one place.

  3. Bi-weekly Planning : Every two weeks, we'll have a brief video call to decide our targets for the upcoming sprint. These aren't prolonged sessions; just high-level, concise planning aimed at ensuring we're aligned on objectives.

  4. Weekly Check-ins : Halfway through the sprint, we'll have a 30-minute sync. This keeps us on track, allows for adjustments, and ensures transparency in our progress.

  5. Open Communication Channels : Constant, asynchronous communication is vital. We can liaise via your preferred channels - Slack, email, or others. Our goal is to prevent miscommunication, swiftly resolve blockers, and keep momentum.

  6. Dedicated Development : Your projects are in expert hands. Whether we're using your tools or ours, you'll get dedicated, top-tier Svelte/SvelteKit development from Justin, ensuring consistency and expertise.

At the end of each sprint, you'll receive tangible outcomes - new features, pages, or functionalities. You'll witness regular progress, offer feedback, and as we collaborate over time, gain an extension to your team with in-depth knowledge of your business and tech requirements.

Short cycles, adept tools, and consistent touchpoints: our formula for ensuring everyone's on the same page and projects move forward smoothly.

Stop Procrastinating, Start Shipping Now!

What Our Clients Say

Genuine experiences from those who've collaborated with Justin.

Sprint in Action

Let's walk through what a typical two-week sprint looks like using a real example.

Say you're working on an e-commerce site redesign to improve conversion rates.

In our planning meeting, we determine the goal for this sprint is to complete the home page redesign along with a new integrated shopping cart system.

๐Ÿš€ Kicking things off

  • We'll have a quick 30-min call to decide what we're tackling this sprint

  • For this example, let's say it's a homepage redesign and new shopping cart for an ecommerce site

๐Ÿ’ป Week 1 - Let's start building this thing!

  • We will dive into creating new Svelte pages and layouts

  • By mid-sprint, we should have something for you to start reviewing

๐Ÿ‘ Week 1 Sync

  • We'll check in to get your feedback on the initial homepage design

  • Work together to unblock any issues holding us back

๐Ÿ›’ Week 2 - Cart integration time

  • While homepage work continues, we'll start integrating the new cart

  • Making sure it talks smoothly with your payments and database

๐ŸŽ‰ Sprint complete!

  • At the finish line, you'll have new homepage designs ready to wow

  • Plus a slick new integrated shopping cart for customers

๐Ÿ’ก Moving forward

  • We'll get feedback from you to make the next sprint even better!


Our sprint-based approach offers predictability, with no long-term contracts or surprise bills. You gain a dedicated Svelte/SvelteKit team focused on outcomes , not just hours.

Here's how our pricing model works:

  • Predictable Sprint Rate: It's $3,500 total per sprint , paid upfront before each sprint. This straightforward pricing reduces risk for both of us.

  • Consistent Costs: Your rate for a sprint (each sprint is two weeks) remains the same, regardless of varying requests. No hidden charges or unexpected fees.

  • Flexibility: Scale up as your project demands grow, or take a break when needed. Pause and resume service whenever you want. You're always in the driver's seat.

  • Focus on Outcomes, Not Hours: We donโ€™t do hourly billing, and we never nickel and dime you for every minor task or email. Our primary goal is to deliver, not to watch the clock.

Ready to take the leap and see how our sprints can drive your project forward?

Stop Procrastinating, Start Shipping Now!

Who will you be working with?

Greetings! I'm Justin , the Founding Engineer and the sole developer behind Okupter . Every project that comes through Okupter is personally handled by me, ensuring consistency and expertise.

My professional coding journey spans over 5+ years. I fondly recall the days I tinkered with WordPress and PHP in dimly lit internet cafรฉs. As the web landscape shifted, so did my skills. I ventured into renowned frameworks like React and Vue, creating dynamic full-stack applications and headless websites for esteemed clients including the NBA and the WNBA .

Yet, amidst all these, I felt a connection missing until Svelte entered my life. Its simplicity, efficiency, and elegance resonated with my design ethos. It felt like the future.

Now, I channel my passion into developing swift, efficient sites and web apps using Svelte and SvelteKit, catering to startups and small businesses.

Coding isn't merely a job for me. I view it as a creative expression . My commitment extends beyond crafting functional solutions; I aim for accessibility, optimization, and aesthetics. I also actively share my knowledge through my blog, reaching thousands of Svelte aficionados every month. Knowledge shared is knowledge doubled!

When you collaborate with Okupter, you engage directly with me , a developer who finds joy in collaborating with clients, learning about their business, and bringing their unique visions to life through clean, modern code.

While I work solo, I offer a breadth of skills and expertise that mirror the capabilities of a diverse team. The advantage? You gain a partner genuinely invested in your vision, striving to bring it to life through clean, contemporary code.

Ready to embark on a creative journey with a devoted Svelte enthusiast? Let's get started!

Stop Procrastinating, Start Shipping Now!

Common Questions Answered

We understand that you might have some queries before taking the plunge. Here's a compilation of frequently asked questions to help clear your doubts and provide deeper insight into our service.