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Introducing KitForStartups, the Open Source SvelteKit SaaS boilerplate

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A couple of weeks ago, I came across a tweet from Marc Lou about ShipFast, a Next.js boilerplate for quickly shipping and iterating on SaaS products. It seemed to have a lot of success, both as a useful tool for the Next.js and indie hackers communities, and as a business for Marc.

I then decided to build a similar boilerplate for SvelteKit.

My initial plan was to release it as a paid product, but I quickly realized that it would be much more useful to the community as an open source project.

So here it is:  KitForStartups , the Open Source SvelteKit SaaS boilerplate .

What is KitForStartups?

The intention behind KitForStartups is to provide a boilerplate for building SaaS products with SvelteKit. It is not a framework, but rather a collection of components, pages, and logic that you can use to build your own SaaS product with SvelteKit .

It solves the pains of building the "boring" parts of a SaaS product, such as authentication , authorization , billing , user management , database , transactional email , etc. so that you can focus on building the core of your product.

While these parts are not always the most exciting to build, they are essential to any SaaS product. And they are also the parts that are the most similar from one product to another. So it makes sense to build them once, and then reuse them for all your future products.

At the moment, KitForStartups is still in its early stages, but it already includes the following features:

  • Database management (TypeScript schema, ORM, migration tool) with Drizzle

  • Support for multiple database providers (PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite - through Torso)

  • Multiple authentication providers (email/password, Google, GitHub)

  • User management (profile, password reset, email verification)

  • Email sending with Resend with a setup to send and test emails locally with MailHog

  • Client side user feedback with Melt UI toast notification

And this is just the beginning. I'm actively working on adding more features like MailGun integration, more authentication providers (magic link, Twitter, Facebook, etc.), Stripe and Lemon Squeezy integration for billing, and more.

What can you do with KitForStartups?

KitForStartups is a boilerplate, so you can use it to build any kind of SaaS product. It is not tied to any specific domain or use case.

Just clone the repository, read the documentation, and start building your product.

Open Source contributors are also welcome to contribute to the project. I'm sure there are many ways to improve the codebase, and I'm looking forward to seeing what the community will come up with.


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