To continue providing the best service and quality of work to our clients, we will be revising the pricing for our sprint based Svelte and SvelteKit development services . The new pricing will be effective from 1st March 2024 .

Stay tuned for more details, and feel free to reach out to us for any questions.

SvelteKit Landing Page Agency

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Okupter's SvelteKit Landing Page  service is specially designed to take your business to the next level. We leverage the power of SvelteKit to create high-performance, SEO-optimized landing pages that not only amplify your brand but also drive conversions.

With our swift and seamless process, you'll have a powerful landing page up and running in just a week . Experience the efficiency and excellence of our transparent process and get ready for accelerated growth.


High-Converting Landing Pages

We leverage SvelteKit's superior performance  to create scalable, SEO-optimized landing pages, delivering exceptional speed and user experience while keeping your visitors engaged and eager to convert.


Tailored to Your Audience & Industry

With an in-depth understanding of your target audience and industry, our landing pages amplify your brand, catalyze conversions, and ensure sustainable growth tailored to your unique niche and goals.


Swift One-Week Delivery

Experience our quick and efficient service, with a high-quality landing page crafted to perfection and delivered to your doorstep in just one week , ensuring a rapid launch for your campaign.

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Responsive Design for All Devices

Our landing pages are designed for seamless and consistent user experiences across all devices, ensuring your visitors stay engaged and connected no matter where they're browsing from.

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SEO-Focused Design

SvelteKit's easily customizable meta tags  allow us to fine-tune the SEO properties of your landing page for better discoverability, helping you reach the right audience while giving your online presence a much-needed boost.

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Scalability for Any Audience Size

SvelteKit's versatility and scalability ensure your landing page can be deployed anywhere JavaScript can run, catering to audiences of any size with ease and providing a reliable, future-proof foundation for your online endeavors.

What Makes SvelteKit the Best Choice for Your Landing Page

SvelteKit offers a unique combination of features that make it a prime choice for creating powerful landing pages.

With SvelteKit, you're not boxed into a single rendering strategy. Depending on the specific needs of your project, we can utilize Server-Side Rendering (SSR), Client-Side Rendering (CSR), or generate a fully static site. This flexibility ensures your landing page is delivered in the most efficient way possible, resulting in quicker load times and a smoother user experience.

SEO is crucial for any landing page, and SvelteKit has us covered . The ability to customize meta tags on every page means we can fine-tune the SEO properties of your landing page. This leads to better discoverability, helping you get your message in front of the right people.

Lastly, SvelteKit's scalability is a significant advantage. Regardless of your audience size, SvelteKit can handle it. Since it compiles to JavaScript, your landing page can be deployed almost anywhere JavaScript can run - whether that's on a CDN for a static site or a Node server.

For a more detailed explanation of why we use SvelteKit for landing pages, explore our in-depth blog post .

Our Transparent Process

Our mission is to deliver a premium landing page that perfectly meets your needs, all while making the process smooth and straightforward. Here's how we do it:

Step 1: Requirements Gathering

After you've confirmed your order, we'll invite you to join Basecamp, our project management platform.

Here, you can comfortably lay out all your project requirements, preferred design elements, target audience, and message. You can also mention any specific functionality you'd like us to incorporate.

Step 2: Wireframing and Design

Once we have a clear understanding of what you need, we'll begin the wireframing process. This step is crucial for visualizing the structure and layout of your landing page. Following wireframing, we dive into the design phase.

We've partnered with some of the best UI and UX designers in the industry  to ensure your landing page not only looks good but also resonates with your audience and drives conversions.

Step 3: Development

This is where the vision starts becoming a reality. Our SvelteKit experts take the approved design and begin crafting a highly performant landing page.

We ensure it's responsive SEO-optimized,  and capable of seamlessly integrating with the headless CMS or data source of your choice . Your landing page is designed to effectively convert visitors into customers.

Step 4: Testing and Launch

Before the big reveal, we conduct rigorous testing on various devices and browsers for functionality, performance, and responsiveness. After making any necessary tweaks, your landing page is ready to be launched, and start wowing your audience.

This thorough and effective process, from the moment we have your detailed requirements to the delivery of your robust landing page, takes just one week. We believe in efficient service without compromising quality.

After all, in the digital world, speed matters as much as excellence, and we provide both.

You're always updated, and your feedback is incorporated at every stage  , making it a collaborative journey toward your perfect SvelteKit landing page.

Proudly Presenting Our Landing Page Creations

We've brought countless visions to life through high-performing SvelteKit landing pages. Dive into our portfolio to see how we've transformed our client's online presence.

Our pricing

SvelteKit Landing Page (Build Only)


Perfect for businesses that have their design ready  and need expert developers to bring it to life. We take your design and transform it into a high-performing, responsive, and SEO-optimized landing page.

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  • Detailed Wireframing
  • Device Responsive Layout
  • SEO Optimization
  • Lightning-Fast Performance
  • Seamless CMS Integration
  • Swift 1-week Delivery
  • Rigorous Testing

SvelteKit Landing Page (Design & Build)


Ideal for businesses seeking a comprehensive solution to their landing page needs. This package ensures your brand's unique identity shines with both design and functionality.

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  • Unique Custom Design
  • Detailed Wireframing
  • Device Responsive Layout
  • SEO Optimization
  • Lightning-Fast Performance
  • Seamless CMS Integration
  • Swift 1-week Delivery
  • Rigorous Testing

Common Questions Answered

We understand that you might have some queries before taking the plunge. Here's a compilation of frequently asked questions to help clear your doubts and provide deeper insight into our service.